Sunday, October 10, 2010

Belleville meeting

Biennale de Belleville

The group met in Paris for four days. There was several meetings, rehearsals, two diners, and a night out in a bar of my neighborhood with lots of beer. It was good that even though we did'nt all knew each other, I felt that people sort of jumped in and accepted right away the presupposition of working in the context of the paper room event. It felt much more easy to speak together. Marie talked about common memory, which I guess is the reason why I am writing those words now. Anna talked about her editing projects, and about the kite that she had made in Bordeaux, and that had traveled to Melbourne the year before. Jesper talked about speaking to trees and to plants, the healing power of nature, and he had the project to take back in sweden with him a small tree from Paris that all of us could tell our faults and dark secrets to. Then in Sweden he would plant it in the ground to grow. I wonder if you can take a plant on a plane though. Matthew talked about performance and comedians, and Lenny Bruce of which he re-enacted bits of a performance he had once learned by heart. It was good to spend some time together an to make something together. I liked that other people were sort of connected to us in a way, as if we were part of a larger group. What I remember the most was the event itself, that seemed to fly by, and the tap dancing, and the singing. Especially the singing.
Clemence de Montgolfier

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