Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reader's Reader

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Michele Foucault, 'The Order of Things', Routledge London, 2002 edition
*See in particular the Preface and Part 1, Chapter 5, Classifying

Hal Foster, 'An Archival Impulse', October 110, Fall 2004, pp. 3-22

Hal Foster, 'Archives of Modern Art, October 99, Winter 2002, pp. 81-95

Hal Foster, 'The Archive Without Museums', October 77, Summer 1996, pp. 97-119

Charles Merewether, ed, 'The Archive', Cambridge: MIT Press, 2006

Pierre Nora, 'Between Memory and History Les Lieux de Memorie', Representations, No26 Spring 1989

'To be liberated is to pierce the future with a destructive gaze that vanquishes omens and exposes the future as nothing but an illusion. What can be yet to come in a world that is absolutely full, where everything that has ever been still is, and where everything that will ever be, is already here? Let the fire of love devour the future and past and deliver me into the jaws of a perpetual present.'
Roger Gilbert-Lecomte, paraphrased in David Rattray's 'How I Became One of the Invisible', Semiotexte, 1992

Ana Balona de Oliveira, 'The Paradox of an Archive: The Anarchival-Archival Art of Thomas Hirschhorn '

Freud, 'A Note Upon The Mystic Writing Pad', 1925
For Freud, all means of mechanically supplementing the memory suffered from one of two drawbacks. Permanent means of recording, like paper, can only be written on once--they quickly become filled and need to be further supplemented. The alternative (eg: a chalk board) is infinitely receptive, but only if one erases the previous inscriptions. The Mystic Writing Pad, however, represented an admittedly imperfect but illuminating example of how the psyche itself records material.

R. Kennedy, 'Treasures From an Underground Trove', International Herald Tribune, Aug 18 2009

Jacques Derrida, 'Archive Fever, A Freudian Impression', University of Chicago Press, 1996

Okwui Enwezor, 'Archive Fever, Uses of the Document in Contemporary Art', International Center of Photography, New York, 2008


  1. For french people (qui pourraient maybe en avoir besoin) :
    'Les Mots Et Les Choses' de Michel Foucault à télécharger en format pdf là :

  2. Does anyone has Enwezor's text in a numeric version? Would be lovely if you can send it to me, or gimme a link. Merci beaucoup

  3. I can provide photocopies of text from the Enwezor book at the workshop.